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Protocol to isolation and combat coronavirus contamination in space analog station Habitat Marte

Habitat Marte is the first analog station to develop a protocol for dealing with the coronavirus. To provide greater security to Habitat Marte operations, a protocol to combat contamination of coronavirus in Habitat Marte was formulated. If there is any indication of suspicion by any of the members of the missions, they must not participate or the mission must be canceled.

This guidance should be sent to all mission participants on Habitat Mars.

Basic information:
Coronavirus symptoms are:
- running nose,
- sore throat,
- Cough,
- fever,
- difficulty in breathing.

Coronavirus survival time on surfaces:
Aluminum: 2-8 hours;
Surgical glove: 8 hours;
Steel: 48 hours;
Glass: 4 days;
Plastic: 5 days;
Paper: 4-5 days;
Wood: 4 days.

Prevention actions proposed before, during and after missions at HabitatMarte:
Before missions:
1 - Recommend the preliminary reading of the Protocol to combat coronavirus contamination and isolation in Habitat Marte, as well as reports and guiding videos on the coronavirus.
2 - Observation of health conditions in the previous day;
3 - Report if you have had contact with sick people or under suspicion;
4 - Report if you had contact in places of high contagion (eg: gym and public transport);
5 - Wash your hand with alcohol gel before entering the transport vehicle;
6 - Travel in a vehicle with an open window;
7 - Measurement of body temperature before, during and at the end of missions;
8 - Do not shake hands or hug your mission colleague;
9 - Take vitamin C to increase immunity;
10 - Wear a mask while traveling;
11 - Clean the surfaces of the car with gel alcohol;
12 - Guide the participants to self-examine pulmonary fibrosis.

In missions:
13 - Make a presentation at the beginning of the mission informing ways of contamination of the coronavirus;
14 - In the presentation made on Habitat Marte, present guidance on hand washing.
15 - keep your distance whenever possible;
16 - make use of an individual mug;
17 - keep the windows open;
18 - do not use air conditioning;
19 - perform systematic cleaning of surfaces of Habitat Marte that are in contact with users. There are surfaces that keep viruses for longer (Wood, glass and plastic: 4 days);
20 - clean your hands with alcohol gel.
21 - evaluate together with the team the health conditions during the mission;
22 - do not touch the face;
23 - avoid activities that generate high sweating;
24 - bathe in Habitat Marte if you are sweaty and put clothes in a plastic bag.
25 - wash your hands whenever you can.
26 - At the end of the mission: measure the temperature of the participants.

27 - clean the surfaces of the vehicle with alcohol gel.
28 - monitor post-mission conditions;
29 - After the mission, clean the entire internal environment of Habitat Marte;
30 - Report to the Habitat Marte coordination any manifestation of coronavirus symptoms or any perception of a flu.


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