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Perseverance inspires 46th mission organized by Habitat Marte

The 46th mission organized by Habitat Marte is starting July 25th and finishing August 1st 2020. The 46th edition presents participants from Philippines, India, Kuwait, Ireland and Brazil. The members of the mission 46 were, Julio Rezende (Brazil),  Pallavi Prasad (Ireland), Pranjal Mhatre (India), Ravva Saranya (India) and Rawan Alshammari (Kuwait). The mission presents Arvin Tan (Philippines), Davi Souza (Brazil) and Mariam Naseem (Canada) as invited researchers. It is a virtual hybrid mission also having activities in Habitat Marte in situ. 

            The goal of the 46th mission is follow up the launch of Perseverance rover and identify possible spin-offs from the mission to be applied in the development of future technologies supporting Mars habitats. More information about the mission in www.HabitatMarte and the social media looking for @HabitatMarte.

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